Ricky Daniels & Ethan Erickson

Ricky Fucks The Sweet Redhead Ethan! Sweet red head Ethan gets all his holes dominated by Ricky, who face fucks him before taking that ass raw!

Ricky Daniels and Ethan Erickson share some things they have learned about each other while they have been in the house before they share even more in the bedroom today. Making out, they strip out of their clothes and Ricky trails kisses down Ethan’s body until he reaches that cock, taking it in his mouth and sucking it good. Ethan watches as his dick travels in and out of Ricky’s lips, his wet and warm tongue stroking his shaft until he’s hard as fuck. Ethan gets on the floor to give Ricky head, Ricky face fucking Ethan as he gets harder by the second until he’s ready to take Ethan’s ass.

Legs spread on the bed, Ethan lets Ricky enter him raw, that fat hard prick stretching Ethan’s ass to the limit as Ricky gets balls deep inside of him, pounding him hard and then turning him face down on the bed. Ethan’s sweet ass jiggles as Ricky thrusts into him, filling him up with his long shaft as Ricky grabs Ethan’s hair and pulls hard, dominating him as his balls slap against Ethan’s taint. On all fours, Ethan bottoms for Ricky and strokes himself as Ricky’s bareback prick slams into him over and over until Ricky fucks the cum out of Ethan and then pulls out to release his jizz across that sore ass.

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RawS – Tyson Costa & Christian Junior

Studio: RawStrokes

– His name is Christian Junior
– He is from Luxembourg
– He is "Aquarius" on the sign of the zodiac
– He is 25 years old
– His height is 169 centimeters
– Its weight is 69 kilograms.
– His favorite dish is "french fries"
– His favorite film is "The Matrix"
– His favorite actor from films is Keanu Reeves.
– He first had sex with a guy at 21 with his English teacher at the institute

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Unfair – Beginning – Type-A


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Lotion Wrestling GP



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Sexo en Barcelona – Part 1, scene 04

Release Year: 2013
Studio: RagingStallion
Cast: Marc Dylan (aka Chris Gabriel), Francesco D’Macho, Frederic Duris
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Group Sex, Threesome, Oral/Facial Cumshots, Deep Throat, Rimming, Kissing, Hunks, Tattoos

Marc Dylan and Francesco D’Macho are strolling hand-in-hand when they run into Francesco’s old friend, Frederic Duris. Francesco invites Frederic home with them. Immediately, Frederic and Francesco start making up for lost time. Marc seems stunned until Francesco signals him to join in. Francesco is the first one naked. His muscular arms bulge under the inked sleeves running from his shoulders to forearms. Marc and Frederic take turns sucking, with Francesco holding their heads so they leave no inch unswallowed. All of them are sporting body hair — not the norm for the usually smooth bodybuilder Marc. Skin collides with skin, cock with cock, meat with muscle. The heat intensifies when Marc gets on his back, with Francesco eating his ass and Frederic tea-bagging him. Frederic leans forward to suck Marc’s cock and Francesco, his face inches away, tongue-fucks Frederic’s mouth alternately with rimming Marc. Momentum builds; they improvise relentlessly, bing a mass of primal suck-fuck-kiss-rim connectedness that finishes in a sweaty sex sandwich with Frederic in the middle and Marc playfully trying to catch everyone’s load in his mouth. Sexo in Barcelona – Part

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Atlas Tames Alessio’s Hole – Atlas Grant & Alessio Vegas

Release Year: 2019
Genres: alessiovega, anal, atlasgrant, bareback, bears, creampie, crossgenerat, cumshots, hairy, hunks, jocks, latino, muscle, oral, porn, rawfuckclub, rfc, tattoos, uncut
Video language: English

Atlas Grant brings his swag, his sexiness and his big, uncut dick to the set and immediately begins to please Alessio Vega’s urge to fuck. Slowly Atlas drives his cock inside of Alessio’s ass before taking it to town and dropping a nice, warm load.

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Stretch That Ass – Alec Grey and Oliver Young

Studio: Damnthatsbig

I brought my friend home home to meet Alec my roommate. When I told Alec that my friend had a massive penis, his mouth just watered. After the brief introduction Alec got introduced to a giant cock in his tight sweet ass hole…

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tf – Berlin Tag-Team Load-Swap Bareback

Liam goes to Berlin, hooks up with Lucky Joe (Germany) and manages to capture this hot 3-way with Pierre Sias (Italy) and the amazing dicked Wolfgang (Germany). No really, Wolfgang’s cock is a thing of beauty.
Pierre pulls off the flip flop breeding of the century — well almost — you haven’t gotten to Scene 9 yet. After getting fucked by the other two guys and taking Joe’s load, Sias shows he can give it as well as he takes it when he decides to breed Wolfgang.
With Pierre’s load in his hole, Wolfgang is even more determined to get his cum in his buddy’s ass. These Berliner boys know how to fuck!

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