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To date this film is one of 8teenboy’s finest yet. Trickery showcases two of the hottest twinks on the market, Tommy Anders and Jesse Star in this five scene tricking adventure. Each scene leads into the mastery of tricking a hottie, in more ways than one, into some naughty action. These young guys take advantage of each other the best way they know how, with some heart pounding dick sucking and ass fucking. Keep your eye on the screen and watch carefully as these twinks display their mastery of Trickery.

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Duration: 1:49:01
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Climax part 5

Release Year: 2021
Genres: アジアの、イケメン、アナル/オーラルセックス、フェラチオ、指の挿入、手コキ、リミング、おもちゃ、オナニー、射精
Video language: Japanese


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Peto Coast and his buddy plow David on a construction site

Release Year: 2013
Studio: EricVideos
Cast: David, Peto Coast, Scott
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, Hairy, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Outdoors, Tattoos, Threesome, Uncut.

David told Scott and Peto Coast to meet him in a discreet spot so they could both have their way with him. He wasn’t disappointed when they tapped his ass and loaded his mouth and hole with their huge dicks.

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Duration: 15:40
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Premium part 2

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Asian, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, Cumshot
Video language: Japanese


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Duration: 2:09:23
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CrunchBoy He’s fucking his friend who doesn’t give a shit…

Cast: Jimy Fix & Nick Spears

Too good, Nick wants to suck his man, who’s reading and doesn’t give a shit…. But he’ll still get a hard-on… Then it’s the other way round, it’s got JIMY hot and she wants to kiss his ass… And now it’s Nick who’s going to give his ass away without motivation, making his hole available while continuing to read his book…

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Duration: 15:12
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3520kbps
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Cutler’s Den – Wet – Drew Sebastian & Ian Sterling

It is hot day in the desert by the pool. All of us naked and sweating… and then it gets even hotter. Drew’s big dick swinging around and Ian could not keep his mouth off of it… So we fired up the cameras! These boys get hot and sweaty quickly and before you know if Drew is leading Ian to the lawn…

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Duration: 21:24
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Release Year: 2022
Cast: Mitch
Genres: Bareback , Gay Porn
Video language: English

Get yourself a guy who can cook! We did with Mitch! This young man is friendly, personable, downright sexy, and also happens to be a great cook. When hanging out around the studio, he spent a fair amount of his free time cooking up meals for the other guys. As you can imagine, that made him quite popular with his fellow CF studs and won them over quickly! Mitch also won us all over with that sexy body and that flawless ass. Handsome, friendly, a great ass, a fat cock, a great cook, and endlessly horny and always up for fun? Yeah… Mitch has it all! In Mitch’s introductory solo, we get to see just how hot that ass is and how eager and ready this stud is for a good time. He goes to town on a dildo, showing off those oral skills and burying it deep in his hole as he strokes out a load!

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Colby Jansen And Evan Eros

Studio: Out In Public

In this weeks Out In Public Im out here chilling with my homie and he comes all the way from freezing Canada so I had to show this kid what the U.S is all about and I knew the perfect spot to pick out some hot young boys for this guy. We spot this kid who looks lost but let me tell you that he jumped at the camera and was not shy at all, Im guessing that he has a thing for big dudes so when he heard what we were about he literally jumped at the opportunity and the homie was loving his excitement so My friend showed this floridian how they take care of things in Toronto and ladies and gentlemen you almost wanna feel sorry for the kid I mean he took was out of hand and right there Out in Public! Stay tuned!!

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Duration: 21:10
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The Bait Car

Studio: Gay Patrol

This week my partner and I set up a bait car, to try to trap a perp that has been stealing cars in the neighborhood. We set the car up and waited from two vantage points to see if this criminal scum would bite. After about an hour of waiting, we finally saw him come by and jump in the car. As he started going through everything inside the car, we ran in and arrested the perpetrator. He kept running his mouth and lying to us about the car being his. So we decided to teach this guy a lesson. We gave him the locker room treatment, we took him to the lockers and pulled our dicks out. The perp began to shove our cocks deep down his throat. From there it was only a matter of time before he had his big black cock deep down our ass. He pounded us before busting a giant criminal size load all over our face.

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ForeSkin – Mihail Filyakov

Studio: Fore-Skin
Cast: Mihail Filyakov
Genres: Cumshot, Masturbation, Twinks

Mihail Filyakov is looking good in his jean jacket. No one is going to stop him from enjoying his body while he’s feeling this sexy. He opens it up and shows off his flat stomach. He can’t stop from grabbing at his own cock while he shows himself off. Then he pulls off his shirt and starts to pull down his pants. He stands in the corner for a few minutes and starts jerking his cock to get it nice and stiff. Then he lies down in bed and cranks it until it’s ready to shoot all over his stomach and chest. He uses his free hand to reach down and caress his tingling ball sack He can feel the cum getting ready to shoot out and he wants to make sure that he doesn’t waste a single drop of it. His entire body starts to buck and shake as his load stars to blow. He has so much of it built up that it shoots all over his chest and stomach. He can’t stop for a second until he feels all of it covering his skin and making it nice and sticky for him. His ball sack empties out and he smiles.

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