RagingStallion – Cock Tease – Trenton Ducati & Jesse Santana

”It’s beautiful,” Trenton Ducati says of Jesse Santana’s ass. Jesse teases him by tossing over his sweaty wife beater, lifting the pouch of his jockstrap to show a testicle and jamming two fingers in his hole. Trenton’s cock is so hard, it reaches past his navel. Jesse has some of the most primo ass cheeks on the planet and Trenton aims to use them. He kneads, he spreads; he licks, sniffs, tongues and fingers. He mounts his prize. Jesse is an award-winning , and when he straddles Trenton’s loins in the cowboy position with that pillar of flesh punching his prostate, he moves like no bottom you’ve ever seen. Jesse snaps his hip flexor muscles, grips with his thighs and arches his spine. He leaps onto Trenton’s face, quivering his hole low over Trenton’s mouth. Then he scoots back for a kiss and slides down Trenton’s pole again. When Jesse needs to rest, he buries his face and fingers in Trenton’s crack and swallows the cock that just deep-fucked him. Every defined muscle in his manly back ripples with gusto. On to more fucking: nearly every position in the playbook, and sweat sufficing for lube. Jesse screams as his cock spews scalding spunk across his torso. Trenton aims his own hot load at Jesse’s mouth, adding a final kiss to share the creamy goodness.

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HB-Chris Negao & Jhon Alvez

Video language: Portuguese

Neste ano, trouxemos os modelos mais quentes que temos. Começando pelo novato mais gostoso do , Andy Krugger. Temos também os veteranos aqui do site: Christian Júnior e Cristiano Júnior (não confudam rs). Nosso baile também traz, em sua primeira cena de sexo, o Modelo Tom, que fez muito sucesso por aqui na cena "O Testemunho". Além da participação muito especial do ator pornô mais amado da internet: Marcos Goiano. Tem estreantes nesse baile também, fique ligado que em breve você verá novamente os melhores desta cena aqui no site. E, por fim, todos os nossos partipantes mascarados que se inscreveram e puderam curtir esse Carnaval junto com a gente!

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Interracial Ass Blaster

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Rob Lee, Tyson Tyler
Genres: condom, interracial
Video language: English

When Tyson tells Rob he knows of a much better way to break a sweat, Rob is curious, but a little suspicious. He’s heard the rumors about how horny and aggressive Tyler can be. Sure enough, Tyson has Rob on his knees, taking that long, strong dong deep! They move inside where Rob continues enjoying Tyson’s mammoth cock. If this is what it takes to get Tyson moving, it’s what needs to happen. Rob decides to let Tyson fuck his ass. Watch these guys get hot and sweaty in this very sexy, super intense first-time training session

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Zeke Weidman Fucks Toby Springs

Studio: CollegeDudes

These guys dont waste any time getting down to some sweet cock-sucking as their cocks are already rock hard. Zeke Weidman gets on his knees sucking off Toby, but its not long before Zeke can hold off and stick his long cock into Tobys hot mouth. Toby loves to ride on top, so he saddles up Zeke and climbs on top taking his entire dick. We especially love when…

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Dick Dorm – I Need A Favor – Jay, Leo Luckett

Release Year: 2018
Genres: bareback, porn
Video language: English

Red-haired Leo Luckett wanted to crash with Jay for the night. But he needed to make it worth Jay’s while. By the time he got there, Jay was patiently waiting for the blue-eyed athlete with his fully erect cock. Naturally, Leo walked in and went straight for it, taking a mouth full in and flooding it with his spit. Jay and his big dick couldn’t wait to turn that ass around for a raw dick pounding.

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Kristen Bjorn – Bastian Ferrer & Salvador Mendoza – 720p

Salvador Mendoza has invited Bastian Ferrer for an overnight visit. As Salvador and Bastian get comfortable they both know that comfortable is not what they are looking for. It is quite evident that both men’s underwear are unable to constrain their cock’s desires as they bulge at the seams. As the guys unleash their massive beasts, Bastian can’t wait to get his lips wrapped around Salvador’s sorrel cock and begins to pleasure every inch of it. Salvador swaps positions with Bastian and takes his hooked cock into his mouth and throat, just as it was designed to do. Working his mouth up and down the engorged shaft Salvador makes Bastian’s cock glisten before making it disappear all together down his throat. Salvador teases Bastian’s puckered ass with his hot cock until Bastian signals him to enter and Salvador rams his cock balls to the wall deep, as Bastian gasps for air. Bastian is receiving a hard and rapid fucking, just when Salvador pulls out to see if he can keep his hole open. Salvador is then flipped onto his back and Bastian gives him exactly what he received and that is a huge cock that delivers a deep ass fucking. Salvador revels in the feeling of such a huge cock filling him with so much pleasure and relinquishes all inhibitions. Bastian flips with Salvador and squats down on his throbbing cock. As Bastian begins to ride Salvador’s huge cock his own colossal cock flops around with such that it slaps against Salvador’s ball sac. With all the thrashing around of his massive cock and the mounting sensation in his ass the threshold of pleasure has been blown past and Bastian begins erupting a flood of cum that flies everywhere. Salvador makes sure that he rides this ass for all he can get and thrusts it deep inside one last time before dumping his hot load of cum all over his smooth thighs. Time for you to have a sleep over!

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Creampied part 2 – PigBoy & Hunky xBreedhole

Release Year: 2018
Studio: PigBoyRuben

This time pigboy’s hunt for hunks bringing us a ripped german jock. Taking it slowly first and making out, pigboy takes control and pushes the hunky on his knees feeding him fat dick. Slimy and hard, ready to fuck dat pale boipussy and breed it with big amount of cum! Pushed down on the garden table taking pigboy’s pounding till he cums inside. And when to squeeze the cum out, wtf! A big mess of juicy cum comes out of that greedy breedhole! What a hot fuckslut!

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