Need a Hand, Sam Cuthan Tomas Salek

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

It is Sam Cuthan’s turn to get wanked by our cameraman’s hand. Always exciting to watch those young muscled studs get worshiped and milked. This one makes no exception!

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Duration: 24:16
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2451kbps
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Matthew Camp

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

Only Fans Matthew Camp jerk off and cum facial I could smell the strong scent of his cum and was almost jealous witnessing him licking his sweet fingers dry.

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Duration: 12:20
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Griffith Hawk

What a very nice looking guy he is and with a good body too. He certainly did a great job in this erotic video.

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Duration: 15:47
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Brice Jones Uncut Cock Jerk Off

Studio: Broke Straight Boys

Brice Jones just moved to Colorado from Texas, and Midwestern stud is looking to make some extra spending money so that he can take full advantage of all the new opportunities here. Hes come to us to get that extra cash, and we promised to hook him up with that spending money if hes willing to jerk it in a solo scene for the camera. He strips down and tells us a little about his tattoos and his hot body before he drops his pants and shows us his uncut cock.
He takes a seat on the couch, clearly not intimidated by the camera as he lubes up and starts stroking his dick, running his hand along his shaft until he works that cock up to its full and very impressive size. We get a good look at his thick, long prick when he stands up to masturbate, and the camera pans over his toned, sleek, muscular body and his supple ass as he continues to work his dick.
Then he lies back on the couch and tightens his abs and chest as he starts rubbing his cock faster and faster. He moans a little and his hips start thrusting instinctually until he shoots a hot, creamy load onto his stomach, massaging his dick and enjoying the afterglow of an amazing orgasm!

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Duration: 16:20
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Myles Long

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Myles Long
Genres: Cumshot, Hairy, Masturbation, Muscles, Solo.
Video language: English

Myles has a sexy nerdy look to him as one of our newest recruits. Once he drops his pants we find out real quick why they call him Myles Long. The skinny soldiers always have really long cocks. Myles can barely hold onto his own big dick as he needs two hands to keep it under control. He’s a lanky fellow with modest body hair and eager to show off his amazing dick. Myles gets in the groove real quick as he grabs that long hard cock with both hands and squeezes it tight as he strokes his sexy shaft up and down. He loves to squeeze his throbbing cock as hard as he can as he masturbates for us all. His balls bounce up and down as he beats that succulent cock. You can see the precum ooze off the tip of his big dick. You can only stroke a big ass dick like that for so long until your hands become tired of tugging on such thick and long meat. Myles lies back down on the couch and his cock begins to erupt like a volcano shooting loads of cum up and out into his armpit and almost hitting his face. He continues to unload his balls as he eventually has cum all over his chest. Enjoy!

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Aiden Miller – Aiden Jerks His Big Thick Dick (Feature)

Studio: Gayhoopla

Aiden Miller is our first model ever who joined us for a solo and ended up leaving fucking a guy all in the same weekend. Aiden has a huge cock and great west coast perality. Watch this stud jerk it and eventually stick in another mans booty hole.

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Dakota Payne Solo

Release Year: 2017
Genres: Solo, Gay, Orgasm
Video language: English

Amateur guy Dakota Payne Solo jerk off hot orgasm cums!!!

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Duration: 21:34
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Michael Berry Part 5

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

Out to cause trouble, young Irish tearaway Skikes is back behind bars with officer AJ on duty charged with keeping an eye on this disrespectful thug. Whilst his supervisor is there, AJ is professional and calm, but as soon as his boss clocks off, AJ turns around and lets the gobby little shite know who’s really boss around here! Unlocking the cell and letting himself in, AJ is already hard at the thought of what he’s going to submit his prisoner to, and it’s a hard-on hard to hide! Handcuffed and treated to a mouthful of hard uncut dick, Skikes doesn’t know whether it’s a punishment or a pleasure, but when his ass is soon plundered deep, it’s definitely the pleasure! Holding on to the bars of the cell, Skikes is slammed hard and deep, with the tattooed office giving his best to show him what he gets when he grabs his attention! The result is a mouth full of officer cum and but not even his statutory phone call!

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