Elder Call – The Precious Gift with Bishop Angus

Release Year: 2019
Studio: MissionaryBoys

But today, he must put his satisfaction aside as he is summoned by The Order to guide his through the Precious Gift ceremony. It’s important not to let the boy detect just how much he has pleased his leaders, lest the boy is spoiled. In this ritual, the missionary will be presented to another high-ranking member of The Order as a carnal gift. Whatever the receiving priest wishes to do with the young boy’s body, he is free to do.

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Captured Secret Agent

Our loyal customers have perfectly known slave Zhenya. We have to be honest that we couldn’t properly whatch him up because somehow we lost the interest to him and he ran away from us. But we found out that Zhenya has joined the army where he obtained the perfect physical form. So, we paid substantial fee to his army mate to catch Zhenya for us and torture him again by our own sadistic scenario.

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RusCapturedBoys – Only Best Collection – 48 clips. Part 5.

Release Year: 2015
Video language: English

To check out how Mikhail can properly deal with the extented responsibilities, the Chief gave him a few assignments. The first of them was to jerk off by order. Not without difficulty, but Mikhail coped with this task, which was followed by several others equally humiliating. The last task was to do a blowjob. After that, we can assume that the training program for a new employee was fully implemented.

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A big black bareback cock for his tight white ass – Nolan, Nestor

Release Year: 2018

Horny boys never miss an opportunity to enjoy their cocks, so when Nestor and his buddy Nolan find a sex den with kinky things all over they can’t help themselves. They might never have explored kinky fun before but with everything there to enjoy it’s impossible to decline. A little kissing and groping of growing bulges soon spirals out of control, with big boy Nestor revealing his big black bareback cock for his friend to suck on. It’s a gorgeous length of tasty boy boner, already wet with precum but soon glistening with spit too while his friend worships his generous schlong. Handsome Nolan loves the taste of some juicy dark meat, but with the assistance of some handcuffs the horny bottom is in a perfect position to take the fucking of a lifetime.

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RusCapturedBoys – Only Best Collection – 50 clips. Part 1.

Release Year: 2015
Video language: English

We were able to fully enjoy the young and fit body of Zhenya. Being in our slavery he tried almost all kinds of pain but inspite of it he did not consent to sexual slavery. Another attempt to get into the pants of Zhenya was failed. But this time we will not stop on the usual pain. Whipping is only a prelude for further genital tortures!

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